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Whether you are looking to recruit an seasoned veteran, find an up-and-coming star, or just need some temporary help, TEL Staffing has the right hire you have been waiting for. From project-based hiring to evaluation and direct hire, TEL Staffing specializes in finding the right employee for the job. As a premier staffing agency in Pensacola, we help you manage adjustments in your project work, unexpected changes in your work flow, and complex recruiting challenges. All while matching the right people to your needs. So whether you’re looking to fill a professional, administrative, or commercial position, give us a call. The right candidate is waiting for you!




  • Short-term assignment as a TEL employee
  • Fantastic way to complete special projects or short-term assignments
  • The flexibility to staff for any length of service your project requires


  • Long-term assignment as a TEL employee
  • Best way to evaluate a candidates performance and work ethic
  • No commitment until you are ready and able to hire

Direct Hire

  • Immediate placement as your employee
  • Most efficient way to find, interview & select the right person for the job
  • Saves your organization valuable time, money, and productivity


Made Simple

Better Candidates. Less Paperwork.

TEL Staffing follows strict ISO quality-assured processes for screening, matching, and hiring employees. Potential candidates are tested, interviewed, and their credentials are verified before you meet them. Like you, we believe that “second-best” just isn’t good enough.

More Than Just Staffing Expertise

TEL offers a full range of productivity, employment, and support solutions to help your company operate more efficiently and effectively. Enjoy smoother workdays, courtesy of TEL Staffing.



At TEL Staffing, we’re not only concerned about the number of people we place, but we are committed to knowing our clients unique needs. Our unique recruitment and placement process includes a thorough assessment of the position, duties, environment, culture, and the qualities the right person needs to be successful.

From an in-depth look at the applicants skills, knowledge, and abilities, to a realistic evaluation of their passion, foresight, and goals, TEL’s staffing agency Pensacola will strive to build long-term relationship between you, your employees, and our team. TEL + You = Success!

Benefits of Staffing

Benefits of TEL Staffing

  • Thorough screening process
  • One low, all-inclusive rate
  • No commitment or contracts

Included in Your Rate

  • Phone Interviews
  • Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Industry Specific Assessments
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage
  • All Payroll Taxes and Deductions
  • Drug Screening
  • National Background Checks
  • Social Media Evaluations

Available Upon Request

  • Reference Checks
  • Motor Vehicle Record Searches 
  • Credit Checks
  • Professional License Verification


Service Guarantee


“As a business spread across the Southeast with over 180 employees, TEL’s level of service and personal care bridges the distance and puts powerful resources at our fingertips.”

Jim Holland, COO
Phillips Media Group

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