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What’s standing in the way of your growth?

You have the products, you have the service, and you have the team, but what’s holding you back from taking your mid-sized business to the next level? For most organizations it is not a lack of resources, talent, or vision, but a lack of human power, legal knowledge, and time. 

Let TEL’s Human Resource, Benefits, Payroll, Staffing, and Risk Management experts guide your organization through the mine fields of legislature, employee issues, and taxes so you can be free to grow as fast and as high as you want to. Organizations who partner with TEL typically find their goals are realized sooner, profitability higher, and employee satisfaction greater than they ever imagined. 


Tools at Your Fingertips

Online Enrollment

Less paperwork, less stress, and more efficiency. TEL's online employee enrollment process allows you to go paperless, lose the clutter, and eliminate the frustrating and costly clerical errors of traditional paper enrollment. 

Web Payroll

Easily submit your payroll online 24/7/365! Through our secure, cloud-based web payroll system, you can easily submit your payroll, change pay rates, manage employee info, view important documentation, and much, much more!

Pay Cards

Providing employees with easy access to their funds. With TEL's payroll pay card program, the need for people to drive to their financial institutions or check cashing location of choice and paying excessive fees and waiting in long lines is over! 

Partners & Friends

Powerful Relationships. TEL's personalized care and world-class strategic partnerships enable us to provide you with the “right fit” when it comes to health care, employee benefits, life insurance, supplemental insurances, financial investment strategies, and professional staffing solutions.

Employee Training

Training your employees has never been easier. With TEL's TotalCare Training & Resource Center, we provide your employees the training they need to work safely and effectively without ever leaving the comfort and safety of their chair.

Self Service Portal

Taking paperless to a new level. Your the employees have access to their pay stubs, W2's, vacation time, and more through a secure online portal available year round. No more need for costly and wasteful printing. Everything you and your team need in one convenient place!

Rich Benefits

The Resources of a Fortune 500 Company on a Small Business Budget! Companies partnering with TEL enjoy immediate access to administrative resources and benefits typically reserved for large, multinational corporations.


A special discount club for everything you love! Present your company to thousands of potential customers and shop deals, for FREE! As a TEL client, you and your team have access to our ULTELMATE Deals. Enjoy hundreds of exclusive deals and thousands in savings through TEL!


Partnering with TEL

Save Time

As a business professional, you know that time is money. The hours in your workday are too valuable to spend struggling with time-consuming employee issues, confusing tax law, and hours of governmental red tape. Let TEL handle all your administrative needs. Our comprehensive services free you to focus on your #1 priority—the vision and expansion of your business!

Save Money

With thousands of employees under our umbrella, TEL has the buying power most companies just can’t compete with. TEL bolsters your revenue potential by taking charge of countless hours of non-revenue producing work—plus we pass along significant administrative and workers’ compensation savings in the process. That means more money in your pocket!

Work Confidently

No business owner likes to struggle with insurance companies, fraudulent claims, and unhappy employees. TEL frees you from these and other time-consuming administrative responsibilities so you can focus your energy on the income producing side of your business. Be confident and at ease knowing that your organization is safe when you partner with TEL!

Powerful Benefits

Happy employees are productive employees. In today’s benefits-driven society, great health insurance, 401(k) plans and rich employee benefits are the best way to attract and retain great talent. Let TEL provide you and your team with powerful. cost-effective, real-world solutions that fit your organization’s unique needs, and budget. We’ll give you the competitive edge you need to succeed today, and in the future!


“As a business spread across the Southeast with over 180 employees, TEL’s level of service and personal care bridges the distance and puts powerful resources at our fingertips.”

Jim Holland, COO
Phillips Media Group

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