About Emily


Personal Profile

Having grown up in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, I am a panhandle girl through and through. In 2008, I moved to Rapid City, South Dakota so that I could take care of my grandparents who were my world. In my 11 years there, my professional career took flight, having the opportunity to work with some of the premier businesses. After marrying my husband Daniel, also a Floridian, we knew we would always move back home to continue our careers, which we did in April of 2019. Outside of the office, I enjoy softball, bowling and spending time with family, which brings a genuine joy to my heart!


Emily’s Mission

“The reward and satisfaction I get from helping other people is like no other. That’s what motivates me! TEL Staffing is a team-focused company and when you work with one of us, you have all of us working for you!”

– Emily Fernandez


Professional Experience

I have over 5 years of experience linking entrepreneurs and business owners with the staffing resources for their companies, ranging from the hospitality industry to the commercial/residential real estate industry. My mission with TEL is to not only match reputable companies with qualified candidates, but to create long-standing relationships so that all parties may flourish for years to come.


What Emily’s Clients Have to Say

Emily is a great worker, wonderful with people, and has a true “heart of gold”. I’m so fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with her for several years, and she’s taught me so much, as well as excelling at everything she’s set her mind to.

Samantha Schmeltzer

Owner/Founder, The OWN Entrepreneur Network

Emily is a natural born leader who brings out the best in others. No task is too big or too small…Emily does it all with a huge smile and infectious energy! Sharp, driven, focused, and fun to work with, she helped create a successful restaurant, nightclub, and retro arcade bar from the ground up, never tiring in her efforts to improve the businesses in any way she could.

Marc Linn

Owner/Operator, Press Start

We never saw a day where Emily was not upbeat and to the point with the process at hand regardless of the difficulties… Team player doesn’t really put the full impact of where Emily’s efforts show up.

Todd Hollan

Director of Operations, NWE Management Company



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