Benefits of Partnering with TEL

Why do so many great companies choose TEL?

Is it the measurable savings year after year? Is it the peace of mind knowing that all of their administrative needs are safely met? Is it the quality, personalized service? Is it the rich benefits that they and their families enjoy?

It’s all of these and more! Keep reading and learn why hundreds of successful organizations throughout the Southeast choose TEL Professional Solutions as their exclusive PEO, ASO, and Staffing company of choice.



The Right Solution For Your Business.

No matter the size of your business, partnering with TEL is the most efficient way to manage day-to-day administrative operations, control costs, reduce risks, and maximize profits. TEL Professional Solutions proudly partners with businesses nationwide to provide you with the very best PEO, ASO, and Staffing solutions available today.


Save Time

As a business professional, you know that time is money. The hours in your workday are too valuable to spend struggling with time-consuming employee issues, confusing tax law, and hours of governmental red tape. Let TEL Staffing & HR handle all your administrative needs. Our comprehensive services free you to focus on your #1 priority—the vision and expansion of your business!

Work Confidently

No business owner likes to struggle with insurance companies, fraudulent claims, and unhappy employees. TEL Staffing & HR frees you from these and other time-consuming administrative responsibilities so you can focus your energy on the income producing side of your business. Be confident and at ease knowing that your organization is safe when you partner with TEL!

Save Money

With thousands of employees under our umbrella, TEL Staffing & HR has the buying power most companies just can’t compete with. TEL bolsters your revenue potential by taking charge of countless hours of non-revenue producing work—plus we pass along significant administrative savings in the process. That means more money in your pocket!

Rewarding Benefits

Happy employees are productive employees. In today’s benefits-driven society, great health insurance, 401(k) plans and rich employee benefits are the best way to attract and retain great talent. Let TEL provide you and your team with powerful. cost-effective, real-world solutions that fit your organization’s unique needs, and budget. We’ll give you the competitive edge you need to succeed today, and in the future!

Partnering with TEL gives you significant advantages in the corporate marketplace:


  • More time to focus on company growth

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Elimination of unnecessary unemployment and workers’ compensation claims

  • Assurance that your company is secure and protected


The Difference

We’re in it with you for the long haul.

While many companies today are out there for personal gain and the quick sale, TEL’s approach to business and life has always been slow and steady. Our goal is to honor God and help our clients in everything we do. That’s why our business model, relationships, and results are so radically different. By helping our customers grow, we naturally do. However, that is not our number one priority. You are!

Integrity and trust are other key ingredients  when it comes to maintaining quality, long-term business relationships. There is no other way we could have maintained more than a 97% customer retention rate over the last 19 years without them.  TEL also never accepts “kickbacks” from outside vendors and business partners. We keep your interests central as we investigate the best solutions for your company’s unique needs. Rest assured, our focus on your company is genuine. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship that lasts.

“We promise to provide you and your team with quality customer service, honest and accurate communications, as well as consistent and dependable results.

We pledge to deliver a level of service and integrity that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.”

– Wayne Brown, Founder & President


Real Client

Don’t Believe Us. Believe Them.

As we all know, anyone can make false claims about being the best. Anyone can tell you they will save you time in order to get you to sign a contract. Anyone can manipulate the numbers to show you a savings that is not really there. Welcome to the real world.

At TEL Professional Solutions though, we let our customers tell you how great we are. We let our clients tell you how much time and stress we remove from their workday. We let the business owners share with you the overall bottom-line savings that they experience each and every pay period with us. Welcome to TEL Staffing & HR.

As a small businessman I discovered many years ago that employee leasing is the best way to manage all of the aspects of payroll processing, record keeping, taxes, workers comp rates, administration and reporting…I get a couple of calls a month from other employee leasing / staffing companies and I always tell ‘em the same thing, “We love TEL and have no intention of changing!”

David Apple

Owner, Apple Market

TEL is a values-driven company demonstrating honesty, integrity, and compassion for each and every individual served. It has been a pleasure to work with this group. I would highly recommend their services to any organization striving to strike a balance between the business and its people!

James Robbins

Retail Service Director, Waterfront Mission

Our Promise to You:

We promise to provide you and your team with quality customer service, honest and accurate communications, as well as consistent and dependable results. We pledge to deliver a level of service and integrity that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

– TEL Staffing & HR


Frequently Asked Questions

Great question and you’re not the only one thinking it!

After almost 20 years of actively serving business owners in almost every industry you can imagine, we’re heard quite a few questions. Here are a few of the most common questions we hear and some short answers. If you would like to discuss these in more depth or have a question not listed, please click here to schedule a meeting or phone call.

If you are an existing client or employee and looking for answers to your questions, click here for our TotalCare FAQ sections.  

What is a PEO?

PEO stands for professional employer organization. It is a fantastic business model that allows the liability and administrative headaches to belong to the PEO organization, not the client company. In a PEO model, smart business owners can focus on the incoming producing sides of the organization and avoid the life draining ones like payroll processing, tax administration, HR issues, ever changing governmental red-tape, and so forth.

In a nutshell, this picture depicts how the government sees your organization under the PEO model. With TEL as your PEO, we not only act as a protective umbrella of sorts, but we also have the buying power of many organizations so you get the best of both worlds- protection and great benefits! Under the PEO model, the government sees TEL as the employer of record for your employees. That means the liabilities and pressures of being an employer are off of you and on us. We are responsible for those employees under our federal tax ID. All this benefit for only pennies on the dollar!   

What is an ASO?

ASO stands for administrative services only. This is a business model in which organizations outsource the everyday tasks of running a business such as payroll processing, tax administration, and HR issues, but keep the liability of employees and government regulations under their federal tax ID. This is a great solution for a SMB looking for someone to process the menial everyday tasks in business, but still oversee the operation on every level.

A full service ASO model is also the right fit for faith-based organizations looking for all of the services of a PEO, but maintain their religious freedoms under their federal tax ID. This way they can avoid paying unemployment taxes legally, as well as adhere to their own unique hiring and dismissal standards.  

What are the differences between PEO and ASO models?

When working with a PEO like TEL, you will experience what is referred to as a co-employment model. That simply means the PEO takes on all of the administrative liability of the organization they work with, with employees falling under the PEO’s federal tax ID (not the actual employers). So a good PEO organization will process all the clients payroll, pay their taxes in full and on time, file the I-9’s, supply the W-2’s, coordinate all the employee benefits, and more. 

Under the ASO model, the ASO company may handle the same tasks for the client company. However, the bottom-line liability and responsibility falls on the client company and their federal ID. That’s why you need to sit down with a qualified business consultant and explore not only what your short-term goals are, but long-term ones as well. Not every organization is the right fit for a PEO or ASO model. You need to make sure which, if any model, best fits your team and individual needs before signing any contract.

Here is a short matrix of some of the questions that people often have regarding PEO and ASO models and where the responsibility falls. 

Who is the employer of record? Co-employment relationship between client and PEO. PEO is employer of record Client maintains traditional employer-employee relationship
Who is liable for payroll taxes? Employer and employee taxes reported and deposited under the PEO’s FEIN Employer and employee taxes reported and deposited under the Client’s FEIN by ASO
Which state unemployment tax (SUTA) rate is used? PEO’s SUTA rate dependent upon state Client’s SUTA rate
Who manages unemployment claims? PEO manages unemployment claims Client or ASO – could be additional cost
Who is responsible for workers’ compensation coverage? Coverage provided under PEO’s master policy Coverage provided by client’s own policy or can be obtained through ASO
Who is responsible for risk and safety management? Claims management and safety programs compliance administered by PEO Claims management and safety compliance provided by ASO or W/C carrier – could be additional cost
Who is responsible for employee benefits? Coverage can be offered under PEO master policy or client may choose to use own policy Coverage obtained by client or obtained and administered through ASO
Who is responsible for human resources? Human resource responsibilities managed by PEO Human resource responsibilities managed by ASO as part of service agreement
Who is responsible for regulatory compliance? PEO manages responsibilities related to regulatory compliance Regulatory compliance managed by ASO as part of service agreement
What are the benefits of using a PEO, ASO, or Staffing company?

Time. Time is the most valuable asset we have here on earth. We all get 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (except leap year of course). The number one thing partnering with a good PEO, ASO, or staffing company does is save you time. You can now use that time to invest in the income producing side of your business or whatever you’d like outside of the office. Enjoy! 

Money. A true PEO will offer your team buying power that it just doesn’t have on it’s own. From better unemployment tax management and rates, to workers’ compensation insurance, to the avoidance of unnecessary fines, and better contract negotiations for employee benefits, TEL saves the average client so much money per year, our services typically pay for themselves!

Peace of Mind. You can’t be an expert at everything, and you probably can’t afford a legal, HR, payroll, and that is. We can though, and have. Let us handle all of your questions and don’t worry about having to read the next 10,000 page un-affordable care act. We have you covered!

Why do so many great organizations choose TEL Professional Solutions as their PEO, ASO, and Staffing solution?

In the FL Panhandle alone there are over 26 companies that try to do what we do. While many organizations call themselves full service PEO’s and professional ASO’s, the truth is there are few and they are far between. That’s one way TEL is different. Our goal isn’t to beat out the competition, it’s to help you grow your organization and fulfill your purpose. Ironically, we’re also one of the few organizations that will work with solid and proven local competitors to make sure that if we don’t have the right fit for you and your team, we find you someone who does. 

Another big deal that sets TEL apart from the competition and attracts some of the best companies in the Southeast is our service philosophy. While we know the laws and how the system works for each industry, our team is trained to not only understand new laws and how they effect you, but how to explain it to you in a way that you can make the best decision for your individual organization. We don’t make you do anything. We lay out the facts, suggest the best path as we see it, then let you make the choice. This is something drastically different than the tell-you-how to run your business model that most PEO and ASO organizations employ. With TEL, it’s your business and you run it your way (as long as it’s in legal compliance).

Have a question? We are here to help!

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