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What You Need, When You Need It

From project-based hiring to evaluation and direct hire, TEL Staffing & HR specializes in finding the right employee for the job. We'll help manage adjustments in project work, changes in work flow, and unexpected recruiting challenges, all while matching the right people to your needs. So whether you’re looking to fill a professional, administrative, or commercial position, share your needs with us. The right candidate is within our reach.

Better Candidates--Less Paperwork

TEL Staffing & HR follows strict ISO quality-assured processes for screening, matching, and hiring employees. Potential candidates are tested, interviewed, and their credentials are verified before you meet them. Like you, we believe that “second-best” just isn't good enough.

More Than Just Staffing Expertise

TEL offers a full range of productivity, employment, and support solutions to help your company operate more efficiently and effectively. Enjoy smoother workdays, courtesy of TEL Staffing & HR.

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