It’s Not What We Do, It’s Who We Are.

Like any organization, it’s not the product or service that makes a company great; it’s the people.

While it is true that TEL Staffing & HR is the best solution and value for small and medium sized business when it comes to human resources, workers compensation, payroll services, financial planning, and staffing solutions, we don’t achieve this by offering products and services our competitors don’t. We just do it best because we listen to your individual needs and have the best people.

From our amazing staff located in the Pensacola, Florida, to our committed team of partners throughout the Gulf Coast, TEL Staffing & HR provides our customers with the very highest level of service, value, and trust everyday.

We don’t do this because we are trying to grow a mega-company (while we are enjoying our tremendous growth and success thanks to you though!), we do this because we are proud to support and help make successful as many hard working American business owners as we can. The people who truly stimulate our economy, bring jobs to the area, and leave a better future for all of our children.

United with the mission to provide each and every customer with a level of service and care that not only meets their expectations, but exceeds them, the TEL Staffing & HR team strives to add value and benefit to every one of our clients in a way that not only positively effects their bottom line, but their personal happiness as well.

So if you wondered what made TEL Staffing & HR such a great company to be part of, here’s our secret: Only hire and retain the finest, most hardworking, and sincerely honest individuals. That way, as our client, you can rest assured and know that your business is safe with us and in the hands of the most qualified and dependable team in the industry today.

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