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Expert Risk Management
TEL's team of experts assesses risk within your company and develops strategic operating procedures to manage this risk. Properly implemented, these procedures help protect your company from costly workers' compensation claims, compliance fees, and other claim-related costs.

Comprehensive Claims Management
From reporting and administration to medical management and closure, TEL handles all aspects of your claim. We'll also ensure that consistent internal policies and medical referral procedures are in place during the entire claims management process.

Return-to-Work Program
A return-to-work program provides employees the opportunity to work a modified schedule until they are able to resume their regular duties. In the event of a claim, TEL administers the necessary paperwork, facilitates drug/alcohol screening, and provides claimants with access to the medical attention required to return the employee to work as quickly as possible.

Immediate Certificate of Insurance
Certificates of insurance provide verification of workers' compensation coverage and protect the business owner in the event of an on-the-job accident or injury. Most states require these certificates. TEL provides your company with a certificate of insurance free of charge, and guarantees delivery within 72 hours or less. Most certificates are available within one business day.