Our Identity

"Being honest and living your life with integrity are the keys to maintaining customer loyalty and providing quality services. We have developed a team of professionals that are more than employees—our employees are like family. We not only work together, but share life experiences- knowledge that helps us learn and grow."
- Wayne Brown, Owner/President

It’s Not Just About What We Do...It's About Who We Are
Every successful organization understands that its people, not merely its products and services, that make their company great. TEL is no exception. From our offices in sunny Pensacola, Florida, our warm and competent staff will keep the gears of your business shifting smoothly. Our corporate team represents top talent from a wide variety of industries, and works tirelessly with a committed group of partners throughout the Gulf Coast to provide our customers with the highest level of service, value, integrity, and trust—everyday.

Committed to America's “Backbone”
Though TEL continues to experience remarkable nationwide growth, our heartbeat remains the same as it was at our inception: we believe in the hard-working American business owner, “the backbone of America.” TEL is committed to the success and longevity of those who stimulate our economy, bring jobs to our cities and towns, and leave a better future for our children.

You're In Competent Hands
There are plenty of PEO services out there. Why choose TEL? Simply put, our incomparable staff. TEL's commitment to employ individuals marked by integrity, excellence, and expertise means your business is safe in the hands of one of the finest PEO teams in the industry today.